Cohort 03

Challenge Statements

Challenge Statements 1 + 2

Theme 1:

Next-generation energy storage materials

Battery technology keeps evolving to meet the technology trend with increasing power density. One path is developing new cell chemistry like solid-state batteries or fuel cell batteries. The other path is improving the mechanical design like CTP (cell to Pack) or CTC/B. In order to achieve either of them, there are different challenges that battery makers or auto OEMs will face. We're looking for innovative materials/solutions which can enable, speed up or enhance such paths.

Challenge 1:

Improve performance of batteries

Materials (including coatings, substrates, and additives) that improve battery performance with a view of the migration from current to future technologies, that can improve the energy density and efficiency or materials that provide functional improvements to battery materials, including safety

Solution Examples

  • Activable high-shear adhesives
  • Insulation improvements through next-gen compounds
  • Coatings to improve fire retardancy
  • Products that aid in transition to solid-state batteries or fuel cells

Challenge 2:

Optimize costs for energy storage

Materials that can improve the costs of production of current and future technologies in energy storage. Multifunctional materials that can combine properties (e.g., insulation and flame retardancy)

Solution Examples

  • Alternative material to replace 1+ materials used today
  • Method/material to speed up the current film/tape coating manufacturing process, e.g., changing the solvent-based electrode coating process to dry coating process

Challenge Statements 3 + 4

Theme 2

Maximizing Consumer Experiences

We are uniquely positioned to drive consumer engagement through both physical and digital solutions. We are looking for ways to enable brands to build stronger connections with their consumers while at the same time giving consumers more flexibility in defining the product and experience at the point of sale.

Challenge 3:

Enhancing Physical and Digital Retail experiences

We are looking for solutions to help brands elevate their consumer retail experience in-store and through e-commerce. This may include enabling product customization at the point of sale or digital retail technologies.

Solution Examples:

  • Technologies that allow customization of color, graphics, fit, performance, waste reduction in supply chain, after the product has been produced but before point of sale (single unit or multiples); e.g., Nike By You
  • Software as a service that helps manage the supply chain to enable product customization (e.g., Where a user is able to order the addition of ‘name block & numbers’ to a sports jersey)
  • Technologies that remove/reduce friction make it easier for a consumer to research, evaluate, make purchasing decisions, connect with like minded consumers (community building), find and fill their orders and pay for in a seamless manner , making it more customizable and digital-friendly/capable

Challenge 4:

Brand Protection

We are looking for solutions for apparel and footwear brands to authenticate their products, reliably and for the life of the product (without using a separate app). A key goal is to help consumers seamlessly authenticate their purchase and create strong engagement with the product.

Solution Examples:

  • Authentication technologies that can be applied/integrated using market available printing technologies
  • Solutions that enable integration of digital triggers into textile or other mediums that can be permanently attached to a garment
  • Authentication solutions that can be covert (where the consumer can't see it) or overt (consumer can see and authenticate it) serialization, just not being able to be copied
  • Authentication solutions for resale from one consumer to another and incorporate a feature for DPP (Digital Product Passport)

Challenge Statements 5

Theme 3:

Enabling Packaging Reuse

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Avery Dennison has ambitious targets concerning reduced waste, recycled content, and the recyclability and compostability of our products.

Challenge 5:

Enabling Packaging Reuse

Avery Dennison is looking for solutions that can help us expand Consumer Goods packaging reuse solutions to improve the circular economy, with a particular interest in solving challenges with reverse logistics, packaging traceability, reuse big data AI, Reuse process automation, End of life management and recycling.

Solution Examples

  • Solutions to manage reusable supply chains
  • Solutions for reverse logistics of reusable packaging, including packaging return, sorting, transportation of packaging
  • Reuse solution for sports and music events.
  • EOL Recycling solutions for metal-based digital triggers like RFID, NFC, BLE etc
  • AI data-driven solutions to forecast demand and increase return rate.
  • Alternative decoration and packaging solutions that packaging reuse
  • Washing solution for reusable packaging
  • Quality inspection for reusable packaging