Cohort 01
Challenge Statements

Challenge Statements 1 + 2

Theme 1:

Consumer Experiences

Packaging is an integral part of the consumer experience, regardless of whether one buys something online or in retail.

It has the opportunity to be both functional, delivering information and sustainable value to buyers; as well as inspirational, providing unique experiences that increase the value of products.

Challenge 1:

Connecting Consumers to Brands through New Experiences

Receiving packages should be a moment of joy for our end users. We are looking for startups that provide interesting ways of creating wonderful and unique experiences through physical and digital capabilities.

Challenge 2:

Less is More for Consumers and Brands

We’re looking for startups that can help us improve demand planning optimization, which in addition to reducing waste can enable us to design and produce short or limited runs of products for smaller brands and increase localization and personalization.

Challenge Statements 3 + 4

Theme 2:

Sustainable, Responsible
and Efficient Value Chains (SRE)

As a leader in materials science, Avery Dennison is continuously investing in new materials innovation, always seeking ways to increase value and functionality via both digital and physical means.

Challenge 3:

Sustainable Label and Graphics Materials

Help us develop alternative materials and technologies that improve our environmental impact across our product portfolio.

Solution Examples: Challenge 3

  • Printed electronics for our inlays
  • Replacement of fossil fuels with responsible alternatives (e.g., food waste) in films, liners and adhesives
  • Materials that improve recyclability of all our products and components (labels, graphic materials and RFID inlays)
  • Alternatives to silicones
  • Labelless solutions or non traditional label solutions

Challenge 4:

New Functionalities From Self-Adhesive Materials

We’re interested in new functionalities in pressure sensitive materials that expand the addressable use cases for our products.

Solution Examples: Challenge 4

  • Films that enable improved hygiene like antimicrobial, odour reduction, gas capture
  • Functional architecture and retail films that provide environmental and inhabitant benefits (e.g., energy efficiency, resource consumption, air quality, sound dampening)
  • Temperature regulating film and foil solutions
  • Next generation window films to enable better heat regulation
  • Dynamic colour changing films for automotive and architecture applications
  • Flexible, retrofit e-signage films for indoor and outdoor applications

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Challenge Statements 5 + 6

Theme 3:

Materials and Packaging 2.0

As a leader in materials science, Avery Dennison is continuously investing in new materials’ innovation, always seeking ways to reduce packaging and increase its value and usefulness via both digital and physical means.

Challenge 5:

Trusted and Connected

We are looking for startups with functional and digital labeling and packaging solutions that enhance trust, transparency and connectivity throughout the journey from production to end user delivery.

Challenge 6:

The Future of Packaging and Delivery

What are the materials and packaging of the future and how will they get to where they need to go? Help Avery Dennison test revolutionary new materials to help design the future of materials in product delivery, materials and information.