About AD Stretch

How many challenges have been issued?

We have three main challenge themes and five problem statements we’re looking to address.

Why is Avery Dennison running the AD Stretch Program?

We are looking to pair with early stage startups (pre-seed to series C) that can answer clear business problems and fit our strategic profile, expand our innovation network, and generally just do amazing, groundbreaking things together.

Will all of the challenges be open to everyone? Or are they specific to regions?

All challenge areas are open to applications from all regions but some challenges will be implemented in specific regions.



Who should apply? Are there restrictions on the type or size of company that can apply?

We are looking to work with startups (pre-seed to series C), that are already in the market or have sales traction in the market. Earlier stage companies may apply but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How are startups selected for the AD Stretch Program?

Approximately 30 companies will be selected, and will be brought down to a final shortlist of 6 to 10 selected startups via three selection phases. The timeline for the process is here.

When will I know if I have been successful?

Final decisions will be made and communicated by January, 2024.

My startup does not fit the challenge areas, but I am working on something I think Avery Dennison would be interested in, can I still apply?

Please contact the AD Stretch Accelerator team, at ADStretch@averydennison.com, and we will consider these inquiries on a case-by-case basis.



What is the time commitment?

The program is designed with founders in mind. Our cohorts are designed to be a virtual program and the time commitment would require a minimum of 2-3 hours per week, requiring regular meetings with your pilot team lead and mentors. Accepted companies will be required to outline their commitment to the pilot during the initial stage of the program.

How will the cohort be organized?

The program is designed in two phases. In the first phase the accepted companies will work on pilot design and development with the Avery Dennison program team and your team leads. The second phase will involve the execution of the pilot. Additional programming such as webinars, office hours and programming will be provided to support the companies with their growth and scaling goals.

Where will the pilots take place?

The pilots will take place in different regions where Avery Dennison has operations (APAC, EMENA, North America and LATAM.).


Why should I work with you?

We’re an 88-year-old startup!

Ray Stanton (“Stan”) Avery invented the world’s first self-adhesive label as a way to merchandise objects. In 1935, he founded Avery Adhesives in downtown Los Angeles and, in 1990, the company merged with Dennison Manufacturing to form Avery Dennison. Over the past 80+ years, we have grown from one bright idea into a global Fortune 500® corporation that continues to advance quality and innovation in materials science.

Today our products are used in nearly every major industry. Our global scale—operating in over 180 locations—and extensive expertise in our core businesses allows us to be recognized as an industry leader.

Does this program take equity? What are the financial and investment incentives we should consider before applying to this program?

The AD Stretch program does not take equity. The pilots will be funded as per agreement between you and your program lead. The program will provide you with a network, support and guidance, and we will make introductions to help with your funding and scaling goals.

Although we have no specific investment requirements with this program, post-program we are open to potential discussions around transitioning successful startups to full-fledged commercial partnerships and into our venture portfolio.



I am a startup already working with Avery Dennison, should I apply?

Please get in touch with the AD Stretch accelerator team (ADStretch@averydennison.com) to discuss the nature of the engagement and further advice.

Do applicants relinquish IP when they submit to the challenges?

No. If there is joint IP developed during the pilot process, we will have tailored agreements to protect both parties’ best interests.

What should the pilot funding provided by Avery Dennison be used for?

The pilots will be funded as per agreement between you and your program lead. Pilot funds are not meant to cover staff or administrative costs, they are meant to be used for Product development and testing the market.

Will AD Stretch contribute to Avery Dennison’s business growth?

Innovation is at the heart of what Avery Dennison does. We look to you to help solve tomorrow’s problems today, thereby absolutely contributing to our business growth.

What will startups need to submit to be considered/accepted?

Please contact the AD Stretch accelerator team (ADStretch@averydennison.com)

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