Challenge Statements
Cohort 02

Challenge Statements 1 + 2

Theme 1:

Make consumer packaged goods smarte

Omnichannel retail will one day bridge the gap between physical and digital solutions, improving both the consumer and brand experience. Does your company have what’s needed to be part of our role in this enterprise?

Challenge 1:

Engage and Inform Consumers

We are looking for digital an physical solutions in labeling, packaging and point-of-sale displays to help brands create engaging experiences.

Solution Examples: Challenge 1

Can your business develop label and packaging solutions that communicate critical product information? These might include:

  • Solutions that authenticate food freshness, reveal product tampering, track & trace or deliver condition analysis
  • Solutions that inform consumers about packaging end-of-life
  • Smart packaging production technologies
  • Next-generation retail graphics, like dynamic signage and smart shop windows
  • Interactive displays actuated by voice, motion or smart devices for public spaces and transportation

Challenge 2:

Create Intelligent Solutions for Brands

We want to develop digital and physical solutions that help brands establish a strong understanding about consumers, create bespoke branding or improve cost efficiencies through smart packaging, point-of-sale retail and e-commerce. These include solutions that:

Solution Examples: Challenge 2

  • Protect brands
  • Increase brand touchpoints and loyalty
  • Provide brand analytics
  • Deliver easy-to-install digital signage for custom and private branding
  • Use physical products for wayfinding in large retail spaces
  • Produce phygital in-store experiences and enable product personalization

#smartlabels #smartpackaging #consumerexperience #brandexperience

Challenge Statements 3 + 4

Theme 2

Materials 2.0

Challenge 3:

Sustainable Label and Graphics Materials

Help us develop alternative materials and technologies that improve our environmental impact across our product portfolio.

Solution Examples: Challenge 3

  • Printed electronics for our inlays
  • Replacement of fossil fuels with responsible alternatives (e.g., food waste) in films, liners and adhesives
  • Materials that improve recyclability of all our products and components (labels, graphic materials and RFID inlays)
  • Alternatives to silicones
  • Labelless solutions or non traditional label solutions

Challenge 4:

New Functionalities From Self-Adhesive Materials

We’re interested in new functionalities in pressure sensitive materials that expand the addressable use cases for our products.

Solution Examples: Challenge 4

  • Films that enable improved hygiene like antimicrobial, odour reduction, gas capture
  • Functional architecture and retail films that provide environmental and inhabitant benefits (e.g., energy efficiency, resource consumption, air quality, sound dampening)
  • Temperature regulating film and foil solutions
  • Next generation window films to enable better heat regulation
  • Dynamic colour changing films for automotive and architecture applications
  • Flexible, retrofit e-signage films for indoor and outdoor applications

#functionalmaterials #sustainablepackaging #sustainablelabels

Challenge Statements 5 + 6

Theme 3:

Thinking Green

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Avery Dennison has ambitious targets with respect to reducing waste, recycled content, recycling and the compostability of our products.

Challenge 5:

Green Solutions

We are looking for additional solutions to enable reduced carbon energy generation, energy storage and carbon reduction for Avery Dennison’s operations and for our entire value chain.

Solution Examples: Challenge 5

  • Next generation energy storage solutions
  • Improved battery safety and recycling solutions
  • Energy efficiency solutions for operations, including primary fuel and electricity reductions
  • Carbon capture, storage and recycling solutions

Challenge 6:

Enabling Circularity

Help us expand range of solutions to improve the circular economy, with a particular interest in solving challenges with food waste and circularity of consumer packaged goods.

Solution Examples: Challenge 6

  • Solutions to enable recycling of industrial waste in our supply chain, including siliconised paper and film as well as laminates
  • Sorting and material separation solutions for post consumer waste
  • Solutions that increase the supply of recycled raw materials
  • Solutions that tackle food waste across different parts of the value chain (producers, packaging, logistics, retail and consumers)
  • Alternative decoration and packaging solutions that enable bottle to bottle recycling
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